and so it begins!!!

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Well, technically, I’ve already begun the “tax season” this year. A couple of early bird clients which is always nice!

But, if you’re among those who are still waiting for T slips, receipts etc, know that today is the last day that ALL entities have to release that information to you. Of course, depending on their chosen method of delivery, it could still take a couple of days to get to you. If you find yourself still waiting by this time next week, however, it’s time to take some action.

Nothing drastic, of course, but a phone call to the Payroll office, bookkeeper, or whoever else is responsible is the place to start. In the extreme case – it HAS happened – that this still doesn’t get you anywhere, your next step is to go directly to RevCan. What you can’t do to motivate someone, THEY can.

Once you’ve got all your duckies in a row, it’s crunch time! Generally, most people are fine doing their own tax return. You have a couple of Tslips, you enter them in the appropriate spaces and you’re done. There are a lot of options for filing online directly, filing on paper, or having someone file for you if even the thought of numbers in boxes has you hyper-ventilating!

Haven’t filed for a few years??? Never fear, that’s what people like me can help you with. Just ask me how.

Happy filing!!!

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