who is numbersgal?

Hello, I’m Roxx and I’m the numbersgal. I take care of your personal and small business income tax returns, that shoe box full of receipts that threatens to take over your closet and any other small business feats of derring-do you may require. Counting beans and keeping it afloat. Yes, I am that good. Come along for the ride, we’ll have fun . . .

About me: I have been a bookkeeper since I was 19 and decided that teaching was NOT for me, despite my mother’s constant reminders of “three months off in the summer”. I didn’t like kids that much ;)

I then promptly went on to get married and have four of my own; but I love them so it’s all good. ;)

I took my initial training via a correspondence course given by the now defunct (yes, I’m THAT old) National School of Business. I learned accounting and office management the old school way, with adding machines that took up half your desk and where the only automated thing you had was the mechanical pencil you used for doing your good old “double entry bookkeeping”. One thing was for sure, we LEARNED accounting practices, there was no program to help get it right!

From there I took a two year work study program through Humber College. I was placed with a company that paid a nominal salary but I was able to “learn on the job” and in real life practice. A trial by fire.

Then one day a stationery salesman came in carting this huge board with pegs down one side and carbon slips and sets of pages. If this is ringing a bell with you, then you know I’m talking about the McBee system. It took accounting to a whole new level, we felt as if we’d been liberated – no more double entry!!!

And I haven’t looked back since!

At various times in my life I have been employed and self employed but I have always kept a little bit of free lance alive because, quite honestly, deciphering and unraveling that shoe box full of receipts really IS fun to me!!!

So, no matter how big or small YOUR shoe box is, give me a shout, drop me a line; why should YOU spend time trying to make “cents” of it all when there’s me right here waiting for you?